We are your instructors on the Labour Code and your lawyers in the field of labour law.

Lawyers JUDr. Irena Valíčková, MBA & JUDr. Adam Valíček, MBA also works as instructors of labour law, who organize tailor-made training for individual clients. We provide tailor-made Labour-Code training as well as training opened to professionals and general public. We provide our services all over the Czech Republic.

As lawyers, we offer legal services in the field of labour law for corporate clients as well as individual employers and employees. We will tailor and review your employment contracts and other documents, we will prepare collective contracts and internal regulations and we will prepare you opinions on disputable questions. We will represent you in lawsuits or during inspections of Labour Inspectorate.

We have extensive experience in labour-law training, we are authors of a large number of labour-law publications, we are members of the editorial board of AD REM – the quarterly for HR specialists, we are members of the AKV Expert College, we are authors of labour-law samples for the ASPI legal system from Wolters Kluwer, a.s. We are founders of the Federation of HR Specialists (Unie personalistů).

You’ll find more information about the instructors of labour law, including the publications, in the other sections of these pages.

We provide our services all over the Czech Republic.

The quality of our services is guaranteed!

Our law office is insured up to CZK 100 million

In 2019 we won one of the most prestigious awards Law Firm of the Year 2019 – Labour law (highly recommended office), EURO magazin and Epravo.cz ranked us among the most reproached law firms in the Czech Republic in the field of labour law and we won the title of finalist Offices of the year 2018 (for design and working environment).